Hospitality Technology Advisors

We are Operalis, the independent advisory service for the hospitality sector

Hospitality Technology Advisors

We are Operalis, the independent advisory service for the hospitality sector

About Us

Your Restaurant Technology Partner

Over the past decade there has been an explosion of service offerings and technology applications created for the restaurant sector.  Do you ever feel  that the options are overwhelming and it's confusing to decide where each piece fits into your business, or even how the various solutions integrate together?


Operalis is an advisory service created to enable hospitality brands to navigate that ever-changing technology landscape, supporting them with knowledge amassed over many years in the industry


Our service is provided to our clients free of charge, so if you're unsure what really works for you, please get in touch, we would be delighted to take you through our model


Operalis in Practice

Managed by a team of experienced industry professionals and backed by a stable of best of breed solution providers, our services meet the needs of all types and sizes of restaurant operator - from small startups making decisions on their first technology arrangements, to large operators looking to enhance their customer engagement experience or looking for impartial advice on the options in the market.

We can also help with the procurement process, acting as trusted advisor and partner to the brand

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Solution Creation

Once our team have analysed the collected data and considered improvements to your existing operation and investments, it's here we make recommendation for enhancement or renewal, by way of high level report for your consideration

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Operational Due Diligence

In this phase we work with you and your team to analyse and evaluate current operations and incumbent technology, taking into account internal processes as well as customer engagement and technology obsolescence.

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On occasion we find that no improvements are necessary, but a free health check can't be a bad thing.  If improvements can be made, it's at this stage that we make recommendation and introduce our best of breed partners

Our Solutions

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Delivery Aggregator Integration

This is what we call 'Tablet Hell', the distribution of food delivery tablets spread across your serving counter.

There are technology providers which enable you to integrate major food delivery companies such as Deliveroo, Just Eat and UberEats and online ordering platforms directly into your point of sale system, removing the need to manually transpose order data from tablet to POS terminal, instead, injecting orders directly into existing printers and kitchen screens, where appropriate.  The ROI for this type of service can be exponential

Online Ordering

Are you a brand that feels that you would be able to drive your customers to your own website and mobile ordering app, and away from the food delivery aggregators?  If you are, the rewards are significant, both financially and in terms of in terms of data retention for driving loyalty.

Operalis can walk you through the benefits of this type of service, enabling you to decide whether its the right strategy for your brand  

Point of Sale

There are so many Point of Sale providers that's it's almost impossible to tell them apart.  There are differences; operationally, financially and technically, but as a restaurateur, how do you make decide which one is right for you? 

The decision to replace your existing POS or upgrade from a cash drawer is probably one of the most important that you will make for the lifetime of your business, given the level of influence and control this technology demands

Operalis will help make sense of the options to enable you to make informed decisions without lengthy due diligence or research

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Payment options, both in store and online can be a minefield. 


Operalis will work with you to identify the most reliable, cost effective and innovative solution for your business


As you will have seen, Kiosk technology is becoming very popular with fast food chains and the benefits are clear.

What is difficult is finding the right turnkey solution for your brand, taking into account the complexity of kiosk technology with it's hardware and very specifically designed software components.

Operalis can help your find the right solution for your business.  


Do you or do you aspire to running your own delivery fleet?

Operalis has extensive expertise in this area, advising on access to 3rd party fleets or operating your own riders to meet the demand of your customers.

Paired with online ordering, this can be a very lucrative step in driving new revenue streams for your business.  We can also help with providing overflow for existing fleets and advice on software applications which help optimise rider interaction and route optimisation

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